Friday, January 20, 2006

Could I have some more time please...?

I am way behind schedule. On the kitchen table lie two garden magazines I haven’t had time to read and yesterday my favorite bulb company sent me their catalog. A small one without pictures but with long lists of scientific names. Makes me drool every time but this time I haven’t opened it yet. By the way, the non-gardening mood has passed away, thank you all who have expressed your concerns. Back to the timing issue, I can’t remember when I last had two fresh magazines to read. Not an entirely unpleasant feeling, though it had felt better if they were not two issues of the same magazine, last month’s and the current issue.

I am getting used to it now – being out of phase with seasons or events. My inner clock is simply not synchronized with the world outside. It has been going on quite some time and is one of the main reasons I try to keep away from sowing things that needs long time for propagation. Seeds ought to be sown in February I remember in May (the same year if I am lucky but there have been exceptions from that too), plants ought to be repotted early in the season are repotted in August and my pelargoniums have experienced summers indoors just because I was so busy doing something else that I forgot to put them outside.

What is needed here is a year with more months. Best of all would be if one had a couple of months to put in wherever needed. Feeling stressed because the vegetable garden looks a mess and there have been no sowing? No problem. Just put in another month - May second edition. In a hurry to put the garden to rest? We quickly take care of that by inserting another September. See? The solution is right there.

But since I haven’t got an extra month up the sleeve I have to cope with the twelve ones we’ve all got. Yet, I can’t stop thinking why is it that some people always are on time with everything? Sow their seeds on time. Know in advance what they are going to do? And never are surprised of finding plants they forgot they had?

Once I read that people who are very tired in the morning often have an inner clock set on 25 hours per day instead of 24. One can study this by letting people spend some time in rooms without windows and see how they organize their time. What if, I say, what if we constantly late gardeners really are made for a year with 13 or even 14 months? We are not unorganized, forgetful, lazy or anything so demeaning. Our inner season is just much longer than other gardeners and therefore it is cruel and irresponsible to expect us to squeeze in the gardening season in just 12 short months. We are victims of the order of Universe and a bit out of rhythm with the rest of the planet.

I really like this new theory. There ought to be place for a support group too. In these modern days we could even have an international group, website, forum and a convent a year (normal Earth year that is) where we can support each other in the difficult task of adapting to a world with a different frequency than our own.

Now all that needs to be done is finding a good explanation as to why I found radish seeds in my bathroom cabinet and if you’ll excuse me I’ll go and get the Christmas tree out of the house.


Kathy said...

You have good theories. I always wanted to be able to do without sleep, while the rest of the world still needed theirs. Thus, I would work all night in peace and quiet, and greet my family with a smile in the morning when they got up. And no, I would not clean house while they slept, but the more important things like reading and writing that require uninterrupted chunks of time.

Alice said...

I think you need to be a bit ruthless to 'garden by the calender'. I mean, how can one possibly pull out still flowering poppies and stocks just because they need the space to plant petunias? By the time the former are finally looking scruffy and need pulling out it's nearly time to put in the Spring flowering bulbs. Yes, a couple of extra months would be great - especially before Christmas.

Linn said...

Yes, we gardeners with to few months are simply kind, gentle people. The theory has improved further... ;-)

Calidore said...

Thought I would visit after seeing your link on Alice's blog. I couldn't agree with you more. I envy those who can garden and get things in at the right time. I feel I am always months behind. The only advantage of that I guess is that I can garden 12 months of the year - no snow here, just a few frosts.