Sunday, March 09, 2008

Long time, no written

Well, well, well...
Two years. Who would have thought that?
Two years ago it became a bit too much and I really had to reduce some of all the things that threatened to eat me alive. When things you do for fun (like blogging) don't feel like fun any more it's time to take a break. But I really never intended it to last for quite so long.

What have I been up to during this time then? Well, I've been ordering truckloads of soil (honestly - truckloads!) to make our clay more diggable (is there really such a word - diggable? - as in soil you can put a spade into without breaking the handle?).
I have also at last put up a decent site for my photography Linn Arvidsson Fine Art Photography Prints to which colour prints will be added as well in good time.

During the winter (boring season this year - hardly any snow at all - enough said about that) some new plans have taken shape. Lazy plans actually. Last year we repainted the house most of the summer. This year we talk about vacations, long evenings on the verandah and glasses of wine under the oak trees. Sounds quite agreeable to me...

Summer, not as far away as it feels sometimes...

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