Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deep, dark secrets

Do you ever get the feeling that you are supposed to like something that you really don’t? When it comes to gardening I mean. No! You there... Stop that thought. Too much detail.

Now… Back on track… Do you ever, WHEN IT COMES TO GARDENING, get the feeling you are supposed to like something you really don’t?

Not surprisingly, since I asked the question, I do. My big hang up seems to be seeds. As an enthusiastic gardener one is supposed to sow ones own seeds, right? Open any gardening magazine, look at any gardening forum and you'll see what I mean. Seeds, seeds, seeds. They are everywhere. Sneaking in behind your collar. Into your bed, disturbing your dreams, destroying your nights sleep. Alright, I got kind of carried away there, but even so…

The seeds tend to dominate the non-gardening season for us living in harsher climates. If you take gardening at all serious you cheer the arrival of the seeds catalogues. You can’t wait to order and then you grow thriving plants which you proudly present for an amazed community of admiring neighbours. Right?
Want to know the dirty truth? What reality is like, in this little corner of the World? (Silly expression by the way. Aren’t we living on a globe?)

Reality is that I’ve given up. True! Honestly! Cross my heart! I have given up. The only things I sow are vegetables sown directly in the vegetable garden. The key is - no prickling. My pots, after prickling, are more “The Killing Fields” than “The Secret Garden”. No matter if I choose seeds said to be REALLY easy, a child can handle them... I am not a child. My seeds refuse to listen when I tell them they are easy and indestructible. Consequently, I have given up.

I prefer to buy my plants, trade with gardening friends and divide larger ones into smaller but many plants to spread all over the garden. It works for me. I’m happy this way, even if it means being in minority in the gardening forums during winter months. And hey, without the seedlings to worry about it really frees time to do what we gardeners do best… dream!


Cinj said...

I seem to have the habit of intending to plant seeds but not actualy getting around to planting them. You wouldn't know how many seed packets I've got laying around here. I did try to plant some seedlings inside once but they molded over. The seeds I actually remembered to plant this year took so long to come up I didn't thing they ever would. I'm going to try again this year just to see if it was the depression I deal with or if was actually the fact that I really AM unable to grow plants from seed. It IS really nice to take the winter off though....

GardenJoy4Me said...

Lin .. I have gone through this same guilt trip about being a gardener and my "relationship" with seeds .. we are supposed to work wonders with them, right ?
NOPE .. NOT ME ! .. I fail miserably with seeds so I am giving up on them too .. I do prefer plants as plants they can even be on the small side as long as they are NOT seeds !
Sophie sends kitty hellos to you .. Emma does as well !
A male Primmadonna .. Alpha-Male ? LOL

Linn said...

It's really nice to see that others aren't capable of working seed magics either. :-) Supportgroup?

Hort Log said...

Hi Linn, I like the pics in your post, will want to learn from you on how to license my photos when I return my trip....cheers and good gardening

Tom the Garden Guy said...

Banish the guilt my fellow gardeners.

Direct sowing of almost all garden seeds is an excellent way to garden. That's the way nature does it, right?

Experience has proven that the direct sown seeds do as well or better than seedlings.

Tomatoes and peppers are the only seeds I sow indoors now.

VP said...

Hi Linn - I've enjoyed my first visit to your blog very much. Lots of chuckling from me here on Monday morning, plus lots of recognition of some of the things you described. I ove your honesty re seeds. I'm still an addict and I know I've over ordered already. So I'll join you in dreaming about how great the garden will be next year!

However, with an allotment it's inevitable I'll be sowing lots of seeds...

I also came over to thank you for joining in on my 'Blogsworth' debate a while ago.

I've been to Sweden - had a lovely time in Stockholm a few years back. I loved my daily swim in the Baltic. And as a schoolgirl I had a penpal from Lulea!